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From the Branches: Stro-time

What's going to work? Team work!

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Hi everyone. Happy Friday. I had to get up before dawn to catch a train and the WiFi on this train isn't working so I'm writing this  on my phone and I'm about to fall asleep so no links at the moment. Add your own in the comments or something.

Also Leafs have a game today at some point.

[at this point in your FTB Gunnar Carlsson has fallen asleep, and your boy elseldo is posting the links]

Watch Andreas Johnson score on a wicked wrist shot - Pension Plan Puppets

ECHL nets, now with ads - Pension Plan Puppets

Game 1 Scoring Chances - Maple Leafs Hot Stove

The Steve Dange Podcast - Oct 8, 2015 - Coahwks | The LeafsNation

Solar Bears unveil three new sweaters - Pension Plan Puppets
Sporty bear, hidden leaf.

The Orlando Solar Bears have new jerseys, and they're amazing | The LeafsNation

Help wanted: We're looking for our next site manager at Matchsticks & Gasoline - Matchsticks and Gasoline

Like the Flames? Can you fake it? Apply!

Mirtle: Mike Babcock’s underdog Leafs hoping to spoil Wings home opener - The Globe and Mail

Recap: Eichel scores in debut, but Sabres fall to Senators 3-1 - Die By The Blade
McDavid didn't score. Eichel is winning! You let Canada down Connor!

Blues Score All The Goals - The Copper & Blue
Connor McBust doesn't score. Should he go back to junior? My column.

NHL'S 3-ON-3 OVERTIME IS ON COCAINE - Broad Street Hockey

NWHL: Interview with Celeste Brown of the New York Riveters - Blueshirt Banter

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation - Battle of California

Now talk among yourselves quietly. Shhhhhh...