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Leafs @ Stars preview: Reimer does Dallas

Get your rubber ducks ready!

I like this view.
I like this view.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Leafs @ Stars

Game time: 8:30 PM EST

Broadcaster: Sportsnet
(regional game - blackouts in effect)

Wrong viewpoint: Defending Big D


No, you did not mix up your days. The reason Sportsnet is showing professional darts at 7:00 tonight is because today is the first 'late' game of the Leafs' season. They're in Dallas, which is on Nelvana III or something, so the game won't start until 8:30PM.

Previously on Dallas Trek: Deep Space Niemi...

Now that's a stable wormhole.

You may recall the last time the Leafs played the Stars was only a few days ago, right at the start of #teamreimvember, and Reimer kicked some Romubenn ass.

Will we get a repeat show tonight? I think so because I believe in James Reimer.

Now The Leafs probably need some cloaked Klingon ships as surprise backup because there's no way the Stars will let that last game pass by, and unless Reimer can stand on his head and block a billion shots again they'll join Jeff Finger mining dilithium on Remus for the rest of their lives. The Stars are leading the Western Conference in goals with 54. That's 3.6 per game. The Leafs have an anemic 2.1 per game.

On the other hand, as we have been pointing out for some time, The Leafs are finally playing a proper hockey system, and they might actually just be unlucky. War On Ice says The Leafs PDO in all situations is 96.9 and The Stars is 103.0. Perhaps James Reimer is the tool by which they will regress to the mean? We will find out soon.

The Leafs' offence could also really pick up the pace (/tightens JvRs restraints). As noted in the FTB, two defenceman are at the top of the Leafs standings for points. After 14 games there's a three-way (giggity) tie for most goals between JvR, Lupul, and Uncle Leo. They are tied at only 5 each. It's not like The Leafs aren't getting chances, especially with Kadri drawing penalties like a boss, but we know the special teams have been terrible, and unless some offence picks up The Leafs are basically back to asking James Reimer to do this for 60 minutes:

Once more unto the breach dear friends

So here we go again. This is the second and final time The Leafs will play the Stars this season. I would be willing to put them as the Western Conference finalists in my cup pool. Would you? Our PPPPoll is below.

Tonight's Lines

Courtesy of DefendingBigD, here are the Stars'  lines from yesterday's practice.

Benn - Seguin - Sharp
Janmark - Eakin - Spezza
Hemsky - Fiddler - Sceviour
Roussel - Faksa - Nichushkin

Goligoski - Klingberg
Oduya - Demers
Jokipakka - Benn

Still no update on the precise nature of his injury.

I would tell him his rubber duck is too big.

And now I give you the greatest Dallas theme crossover in history.

See you at 8:30 EST!