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Game Recap: Benn Goes Down

The Maple Leafs headed to Dallas to try and win their second game vs the Stars in a week. Spoiler: They won.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on Toronto vs Dallas: Toronto scored 4 goals (Boyes, Lupul, Kadri, Rielly) to Dallas' 1 (Jamie Benn). James Reimer got the win and the peasants rejoiced.

And now, a very special Clone High:

The Toronto Maple Leafs headed south to Dallas with hopes of win number three, and Dallas was hoping to end it's habit of losing to bottom feeding teams.

The game began the way all fans hope for: a puck into the netting above the glass! Excitement!

Not to much of note goes on in the first until late in the period until Gardiner takes a shot and Holland is there to tip it in. 1-0 Maple Leafs! Woo! (Way to get an assist after I dumped you in my keeper league...Jake).

Speaking of, I just got a trade request, guy wants to give me  TJ Brodie for Morgan Rielly. Should I fart in a jar and fedex it to him over night?

Anyway, here's the Holland goal, his second of the season:

Bozak has the second assist here. The period would end one minute later.

It's a good back and forth in the second, shots here, shots there, about five minute sin Phaneuf gets a slashing penalty and you know the guy who got slashed deserved it. Bastard. Luckily, Dallas only manages two shots on that power play and Reimer stopped them both.

This was excellent.

FYI the Fox Sports guys are pretty damn good at not making me want to murder things.

PA Parenteau had a couple good chances, taking a shot then getting his own rebound but Dallas goalie stopped it.

While there's not much going on, can I say I think the puck should stay in play if it bounces off the netting?

Wait, what happened, oh fuck you Sharp. Patrick Sharp scores a goal, woo.

Sigh. Odd angle, Reimer was off his post, I dunno, I'm not a good analyst (Everyone who's read the above recap agrees)

The second period ends 30 seconds later, tied 1-1 with the shots in Dallas' favour.

The third period begins with the teams trading 6 shots until Vernon Fiddler, the man who actually can't play a fiddle in real life so change your name son, scores from an odd angle, and it gets past Reimer. Boo.

Dallas is up 2-1 so I start packing up my stuff and head out early to beat the traffic, but wait, whats this?


[dances in basement, hits head on ceiling which is 2 cm taller than my head]

Rielly got the assist there, good job Morgan, I won't trade you in a shitty, shitty, trade.

The game is tied, Dallas is leading in goals, but what happens with under four minutes left?

Someone heard I waived him and he shows me. JvR gets the assist on this one and the Leafs are in the lead once again!

These Dallas guys got more excited for that Maple Leafs goal than I have ever heard anyone from Canada aside from Bob Cole.

Reimer is doing fan-tas-tic in my eyes here. Dallas still up by 7 shots, and we're down to the final minute.


Uncle Leo gets it out of the Leafs end after some scrambling by the net, and Dallas bring sit back, the Leafs dump it out. Seguin shoots and REIMER SAVES!

Three second left. Faceoff to Reimers right.


Reimer gets his third win of the season, and I hope he's ready to go back top riding the pine when Bernier comes back.

Fox Sports guys are very complimentary of the Leafs. I like them.

Maple Leafs head to Nashville on Thursday night. Seth Jones! Filip Forsberg! Should be a fun one!

What'd you think of the game? Let us know. That's why we have the comments.