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Madore robs on 2-on-0

Rob Madore's overtime save steals the Solar Bears an extra point and wins all the highlight reels.

Rob Madore
Rob Madore
Fernando Medina and Gary Bassing / Orlando Solar Bears

The Solar Bears won an important road game tonight against the South Carolina Stingrays, assisted by a beautiful glove save from Toronto Marlies prospect Rob Madore.

The save came during three-on-three overtime, on a two-on-nobody breakaway by the Stingrays. No problem for Madore, apparently, as he reads the play and leaps across the crease to snatch it out of mid-air with his glove.

Sadly this didn't happen at the Solar Bears home arena so that the crowd could go wild, but hopefully the cries of disappointment at the stone-cold "Rob"bery were loud enough. This is Madore's first win in two games played since returning to the Solar Bears from his jaunt up north to back up Garret Sparks.

Watch as events unfold in the @OrlandoHockey (Solar Bears) Twitter: