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Game Recap: Rock you like a Hurricane!

Okay, so it didn't rock, but the Leafs won. Reimvember continues with a 2-1 victory over Carolina.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hartforlina Whalicanes!

Man, I hope you guys liked low scoring games because were you ever in luck! First off, apologies for being the author of this recap. It will lack in stats and hardcore analysis because I am not good at that stuff. I can give you my thoughts and opinions on the game, while inserting clips and jokes. Enjoy if you can.

The Maple Leafs somehow get on the power play before they even get a shot off, so that's got to be a thing that's rare. Even better is they go the power play without getting a shot. Oh hey, John Micheal Liles, I forgot about that guy.How;s he doing lately? 1 point in 18 games. Yep. Hey! Five minutes in and the Leafs have a shot. This bodes well for the game.  Okay, they aren't that bad out there. Froese is making his face offs, Lupul is rushing the puck into the O-zone, but nothing much is happening out there, shots wise. They trade shots and block shots, then Grabner gets slashed but over sells it so it's 4 on 4 for a couple minutes. That goes nowhere and to end the period the score is tied and Carloina starts off the second 5 on 3 after Froese gets 2 for holding at 18:40 then Polak gets 2 for hooking. Way to contribute guys.

Phaneuf is throwing his body around tonight though.

No shots get to the net until over 3 minutes into the second period, The Leafs don't get one until past 6 minutes in and they aren't even at 10 shots on the game yet. All the love to Reimer here because the forwards are not helping him out tonight. This time it's Carolinas turn to end the period short handed as Lindholm gets 2 for tripping.

Meanwhile in not boring hockey games...

Back from intermission we get yet another power play without a shot. This is some game, I tell you. 3 minutes into the third Carolina gets the first shot, then another. A few minutes later they get some more and at 7:47 of the third Brad Malone gets the first goal of the game, assisted by former Leafs Kris Versteeg. There's a few more shots than in the other periods, but it's still a bland game. Matthias and Pesce get matching roughing penalties. After those penalties expire Lindholm gets a penalty for a face off violation and THAT is the power play someone finally scores on. And guess what? NAZEM KADRI SCORES!  KADRI! KADRI! KADRI!

After that, the period ends and we are going to overtime! Three on three!

We're seeing a lot more shots and action in overtime, and a rare OT penalty when Carolina's Faulk takes a slashing penalty. Carolina has called a time out so the Hurricanes players can be yelled at for taking a penalty in overtime.

Nothing comes out of that power play (of course) and so we're headed for a shootout.

Carolina misses it's first attempt....HOLLAND SCORES!.....Skinner's all up to PA Parenteau...and he can't close it out. Nash is taking the shot for Carolina to keep them alive...and he does! Kadri's up and is back to his old tricks of not scoring.  Lindholm misses his chance to give the W to Carolina. Young Bozak takes his shot. Nothing. Lil' Nathan Gerbe is shooting now...nothing. This shootout is dragging as much as the game. Lupul comes up.


Thank God something good came out of this game. With the win the Maple Leafs move up to within two points of Buffalo for second last in the division, and only five points out of a wild card spot. PLAYOFFS!!1

Shots on the game were 33 Carolina to 24 Toronto, though to me it felt a little slower. Oh well, a W is a W, eh?

Reimvember continues! Leafs are in Boston tomorrow night. See you then!