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From the Branches: Dubas in glasses edition

Boy wonder showed up in Orlando last night and answered a few of PPP's questions.

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So last night Kyle Dubas said the weather was surprisingly cold here in Orlando, and he was disappointed. Sorry, Kyle Dubas! It was totally pants weather yesterday, especially in the rink where the Solar Bears got shelled by the South Carolina Stingrays (a sadly good team) for 6-3. I'm not going to write a game story for it because I'm going to write something about Dubas (out slightly later), so please go see Don "the" Money's gamer instead.

Christopher Clapperton, Zach Bell, and Brett Findlay say, "Hi, PPP!" When I told Zach Bell that I wrote for a Toronto hockey blog, he said "Uh oh."

Anyway. We had a lot of #content yesterday, and we've got even moar today!

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