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When was the last Leafs game where both Reimer and Bernier weren't on the roster?

It's been a while!

Juicy Juice!
Juicy Juice!
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Word broke late last night that James Reimer is once again off the playing roster due to a continuing injury issue. The Leafs have recalled Antoine Bibeau from The Marlies to backup Garret Sparks tonight vs. the St. Louis Blues. This means, for the first time in recent memory, neither one of Reimer or Bernier will be in the net, or on the bench.

So when was the last time that happened? I immediately thought of all the prospect goalies who have come and gone over the past four years.

Remember this guy?

Mark Owuya never made it to The Leafs, but then I remembered one of his contemporary prospects, and it all clicked.

Jussi Rynnas

Rynnas' first NHL game was March 27, 2012. Rynnas was an emergency call-up when James Reimer was knocked out of play with an upper body injury. He was supposed to just sit on the bench and back up Jonas Gustavsson. Unfortunately Gustavsson pulled a Gustavsson. He let in three goals on 12 shots and Carlyle yanked him from the net. Rynnas stepped in, and stopped all 10 shots on goal through the rest of the game.

As a reward, Randy Carlye gave Rynnas the start for the next game, which would be his first ever NHL start.

Predictably, it was a disaster.

Total domination: Briere, Simmonds, Schenn get going in 7-1 romp of Leafs - Broad Street Hockey
If you'd like to understand what complete and utter domination is in the sport of ice hockey, all you have to do is take a look at tonight's game between the Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Interestingly his introduction to the NHL rather mirrors Garret Sparks' this season, with one fewer goal against, doesn't it?

So was that the last time neither one of Reimernier were playing?


Rynnas and Scrivens were back again as the Leafs tandem in February 2013 once again when James Reimer was injured.

Reimer returned from his injuries on February 27, though Ben Scrivens got the start that night and The Leafs lost 2-5. Lesson learned: Gotta be startin' Reimer!

Reimer returned for the Leafs game in Nassau County the following day and the Leafs won 5-4 in OT. You may also remember this game because this happened:

Reimer was around the rest of the season, swapping games with Scrivens, and then leading The Leafs into the playoffs, and... then... that game.

The Leafs traded Scrivens for Jonathan Bernier in the off-season, and one of Bernier or Reimer have been in net, or on the bench, for every game since.

Therefore the last Maple Leafs game without one of Reimernier around was February 25, 2013.