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[Monday's FTB] Looking Forward

As the Leafs sputter and another week beckons, it's time to look forward beyond this season

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Non-Leafs Links

Ice resurfacer driver arrested on suspicion of DUI during hockey game
He was probably a Leafs fan

NHL Three Stars: Steen and Oshie lead Blues in Capital beating | Puck Daddy
He's alright, but he's no Lee Stempniak

Fall of Canadian dollar will mean NHL salary cap woes -
Bad news for all teams, but the Leafs especially.

Dellow Not Popular Among Edmonton Media According to Eakins
Mittenstringers be mittenstringering

Trade Talk for T. Myers, M. Green heating up
Along with Franson, likely the best defensemen available.

Arizona Coyotes see bright future in prospects - ESPN
They have future HOFer Max Domi, along with a pretty high draft pick this year

Leafs Links

Referendum on Leafs core is over – TSN
Siegel on the failings of the current core

Vintage Leaf Memories | Maple Leafs caught in no-man’s land…
VLM talks about the treadmill the Leafs are on

More and more, it seems like the Leafs are just playing out the string, hoping to sell off some spare parts and hope for a nice draft pick. My question is, do you go full tank NEXT year as well, with the talented troika of Auston Matthews, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Alexander Nylander poised to be at the top of the 2016 draft.