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[Tuesday's FTB] At Least January's Over

The Leafs take on Nashville tonight, hoping to forget their last meeting (as well as the entire month of January)

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough to get excited about the Maple Leafs these days.

We all know that January was historically bad, in no small part because of their laughably low shooting percentage. We know that the Leafs' playoff chances took a nosedive. And while the Leafs are not so bad as to compete with Edmonton and Buffalo for McDavid, they're definitely in the draft lottery conversation.

We know that things aren't good, to put it mildly.

With each game comes a weird position no sports fan wants to be in: We all want to see our teams win, but in the Leafs' case, a win won't really help them when all we have to look forward to is a deep draft. Do I want them to lose? Can I really hope that they lose? Is being a fan any fun at all when you watch your team and hope that they lose? How are we back here, again?

Big changes are in store for this team. A rebuild is probably coming, and much of the core is likely on its way out. I am finding it difficult to get excited about this team right now, but I'm also realizing that this is my last chance to see many of these players wearing Leafs jerseys. Sure, some I won't miss. But as difficult as things have been, we have some wonderful memories with many of these players as well. I want to watch them while I can. That isn't excitement, exactly, but it's something.

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