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[Friday FTB] There's still more games to lose

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One of these guys still plays in the NHL!
One of these guys still plays in the NHL!
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

So the Leafs are playing again tonight, or maybe I should say they will attend a hockey game tonight, or maybe I should say space-time will inflate while the Leafs are bound by atomic forces behind their blue line. Did I get that right?

Mirtle: Maple Leafs trying to right ship, but fans want team to tank - you know the drill: we want them to tank; they must say they abhor that idea.

What's happened to Phil Kessel? - Siegel drew the short straw for the monthly: "What's happened to Phil Kessel" mandated story. The answer is 'nothing', Jonas.

The Star: Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf not focused on trade talk
Whatever. The actual interesting news nugget comes at the end of this story about the practice jersey colours.


Byfuglien says misbehaving kids need ‘discipline’
There's so much spin from every corner: Kane; Kane's agents; Maurice; Chevy; Byfuglien; and mittenstringers desperate to pretend they know what's happening. None of them look good now. Kane has been put on IR and Maurice will reveal today if he will get season ending surgery, UPDATE: He will.

Statistically Speaking: Kane may present problems, but he's productive - Pick up the phone, Nonis.

Kane's Track Suit Situation Takes a Bizarre Twist
Here's the discussion at Arctic Ice Hockey - SB Nation's Winnipeg Jets site.

Some video highlights, and lowlights, from last night's games:

Grabovski scored his eighth of the season off a laughably awful turnover right in front of the Flyers net by none other than Luke fucking Schenn.

The Ducks beat the Predators with Jakob Silfverberg getting a short handed goal off a humiliating flub by Pekka Rinne on his first night back in action.

The Wings beat the Avalanche 3-0. Two goals were empty netters. McKinnon had his first NHL fight, vs. Jonathan Ericsson.

The Caps beat the SNES 2-1. Ovechkin scored his 32nd of the season, knocking the puck in from mid-air, just below the crossbar.

Random other things:

Kimmo Timonen announces comeback with Flyers: ‘I kept hope alive' - Good for him!

Vegas NHL advocates backing away from ‘Nevada’ team name
There is already a controversy about this non-existent team. I'm really just linking this story because the writer wears an eye patch!

Scotty Bowman is impressed with 'Red Army' film
A good read for his thoughts and reflections about the Soviet Teams. The film itself is rolling out in theatres now.

RadioShack Files for Bankruptcy
Radio Shack shocks the world by revealing it still exists.

Is dessert at restaurants passé?
"It’s just not worth it." a successful owner says."A cocktail brings in twice as much money as a dessert, and it doesn't hold up a table at the end of the meal. You have to turn the tables."