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[Game Preview] - Edmonton Oilers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Greatest Tank Battles

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Oh joy of joys, it's Saturday night. The Oilers are in town, so you know we'll hear Don Cherry go on about how the Leafs should have drafted GOOD OL ONTARIAH BOY TAYLOR HALL HE PLAYED FOR THE WINDSOR SPITFIRES JUST LIKE YOUR GOOD MAN DON CHERRY DONTCHA KNOW, BUT THEY TRADED THEIR CHANCE FOR THAT SOFT 'MURRCAN FANCY COLLEGE BOY PHIL KESSEL!

SBNATION: Copper And Blue

The Leafs

Where do I start? Should I even bother? Losers of their last 11 games this group of morose motherfuckers must have met Connor McDavid one day and thought "wow that kids is super col, he even let my play with his 3DS!" and now want to invite him over to play every game with them because he has a super sweet Mega Charizard EX card and he said he may trade it!


Last night they lost to the New Jersey Devils, Bozak capitalized on a Kessel chance to score the only goal. Before the game the Leafs traded away some spare parts to clear contract space. And they lost their eleventh game in a row.

The Leafs recalled Peter Granberg from the Marlies, but it's unsure if he'll play tonight. Phaneuf won't play, Bernier is your starter.

The Oilers

The one team we can always look at and go, well, at least we aren't fans of them. I'm pretty sure Katz and Lowe are addicted to gambling because they always want to play the NHL lottery and don't care how much they lose, they just need another sweet, sweet, fix. The Oilers are 5-6 in their last 11 games, which is better than the Leaf, so thanks for gaining 10 points guys. If the Oilers win tonight they'll only be 9 points ahead of the Leafs in the tank standings, so this is an important loss for them.

My thoughts on the game:

There's no IceDogs game for me to watch to avoid (they beat London last night 4-1, Carter Verheaghe scored the game winner), nor is there a trivia night to go to to doubly avoid them (my table lost by ONE GODDAMN POINT), so I'll probably end up watching, go to my 11PM game in a bad mood and get unnecessary penalties because of that (we're playing the Canadiens).

Really who knows what will happen? Will Scrivens start and get a shutout? Will Clarkson snap and try to stab someone with his skate? Will the Oilers fire their coach mid-game? Tune in and find out! Same Leafs time, same Leaf channel.

Bonus! Here's some stats on McDavid and Strome via

chl stats

Go Tanks Go!