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The Maple Leafs have sent Carter "I have asthma" Ashton and David "Brolldozer" Broll to the Tampa Bay Lightning for a conditional 7th round pick.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports


Okay, so it's not that exciting. The Maple Leafs basically gave away Carter Ashton and David Broll to the Tampa Bay Lightning to clear two contracts off the limit of 50, dropping them to 48. Are they prepping for something bigger at the deadline, or getting ready for free agency, or just giving Ashton and Broll a chance to try out with another team instead of just dropping them in July.

Let's look back on the history of these two players:

Carter Ashton: Carter was brought over in a trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning in February of 2012 for Keith Aulie. Ashton was never much more than a 13th forward and in 54 games with the Leafs he had 0 goals and 3 assists. He was suspended 20 games on November 4th, 2014 for PED use, but claims he just used someone elses inhaler for his asthma. I see this as another failure by Leafs medical staff because they of all people should know YOU NEVER USE SOMEONE ELSES MEDICATION. Good luck back in Tampa Bay Syracuse.

David Broll: Broll was drafted by the Leafs 152nd overall in 2011 from the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. After playing his overage season in the OHL Broll went to the Marlies. Broll made his NHL debut in 2014 playing 5 games with the Leafs getting 1 assist. This year he bounced between the Marlies and the Solar Bears.

The Leafs will get Tampa Bays 7th round pick if Ashton plays 15 games with the Lightning. That's just gravy, the real win here is clearing contracts.

Housekeeping, or moving pieces for something awesome? Hopefully we'll find out soon.