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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 10): Go Hurricanes!

The Leafs got a point last night, and they move to 5th in the lottery standings and give Carolina an edge for 4th.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

It's a big game tonight. Carolina vs Columbus. We need them this to go to OT and Carolina needs a point tonight. let's all put our hatred of Arturs Irbe aside and cheer on the Staalicanes!

Team Points Odds at #1
Buffalo 43 20%
Edmonton 47 13.5%
Arizona 50 11.5%
Carolina /\ 57 9.5%
Toronto \/ 58 8.5%
Columbus 58 7.5%
New Jersey 66 6.5%
Dallas 68 6.0%
Philadelphia 69 5.0%
Colorado 71 3.5%
Ottawa 71 3.0%
Florida 72 2.5%
San Jose 74 2.0%
Los Angeles 75


Leafs are sitting in 5th, so we need to embrace the shootout instead of curse it tonight.

Columbus Blue Jackets at Carolina Hurricanes
Best outcome: Carolina over Columbus in Overtime

A 3 point game is great for Toronto, it would put for Carolina and Columbus at 59 points, 1 back of the Leafs, and give the Leafs back 4th place.

Dallas Stars at Philadelphia Hurricanes
Best outcome: Dallas over Philly in overtime
This result puts both of these teams at 70 points, well back of the Leafs.

New York Rangers at New York Islanders
Best outcome: NY Islanders in regulation

I want the Isles to win their division, thats it, no lottery implications here.

Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators
Best outcome: Ottawa in regulation

The Sens beating the Bruins moves them ahead of Florida, lower in the lottery and keeps the Bruins from feeling any safer about their lottery spot. win-win-win.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens
Best Outcome: Depends on your needs

Lightning fans want them to win, non-habs fans mostly agree with that. i would be ok with a Habs win, because it keeps round one Habs/Bruins.

Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues
Best Outcome: St. Louis in regulation

This gets the Blues closer to Nashville for the division lead, and keeps Winnipeg from building a lead over LA for the final wild card spot.

Los Angeles Kings at Colorado Avalanche
Best outcome: Colorado over LA in overtime
No real lottery implications here, it would make Florida's odds better though. Plus LA gets a point to creep up on Winnipeg. LA winning isn't terrible either.

Big, big game with CBJ vs CAR. It will only be available in Canada on Game Centre Live.