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[Wednesday's FTB]: Tank vs. Tank

Two tanks roll in. Only one can be the victor (loser).

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Enjoy the Leafs' Wednesday Night "Rivalry Game" against the Sabres. I think I'm seeing a Connor McDavid mirage...

Leafs Links

Leafs vs. Sabres Toronto Star game preview for what is sure to be a real barn burner!

Why the Maple Leafs don't need to get rid of Nazem Kadri- Couch Coaches

Fewer fans watching Maple Leafs on TV- Toronto Sun

As much as I don't enjoy linking to the Sun (let's just say that I have never exceeded the ten complimentary online articles per month), but apparently the numbers are so low that it led an "industry insider" to exclaim, "I couldn't believe how low it was when I saw it." Perhaps hiring a bunch of annoying hacks to criticize the lack of effort on the ice isn't panning out well for them?

Noah Hanifin is more than a consolation prize in the 2015 draft- Puck Daddy

I'm putting this under Leafs Links because discussions of the draft are basically all we have.

Did you miss Scott Wheeler's piece on Strome and Marner? Don't fret, it's here!

Byron Froese making a case for an NHL contract- The Leafs Nation

Where art thou, Tim? - The Faceoff Circle

Jennifer Chesson not a fan of outgoing MLSE president and CEO Tim Leiweke.

Around the League

A former NHLer's take on youth hockey

Ray Ferraro: The odds of going pro are extremely low but the odds of having to find a career and a job to pay bills and be a husband and father are extremely high and it’s not dictated by if you played AAA hockey

Thank you Ray Ferraro.

Also in youth hockey news, addressing misogyny within the culture is long overdue. Consent and sexual violence are not jokes (do not read the link if you are upset by those topics). My heart breaks for those who were victimized (in this case, and everywhere). I'm exhausted from seeing this (and saying this) again and again.

How to fix junior hockey's rape problem- The Other Half

Thank you @Eliza_Eaton for writing this.

Ovechkin not to blame for poor plus-minus - Sportsnet

The classic Ovi gif notwithstanding, it turns out that maybe he isn't terrible defensively after all.

Claude Giroux and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad shooting percentage- Broad Street Hockey

Many more shot attempts, but fewer goals.