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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 11): Thank you three point games!

Carolina and Columbus went to the shootout, the Leafs host the Sabres tonight.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Thank you hockey Gods, the winner wasn't exactly what we wanted, but a 3 point game for Carolina and Columbus is A-OK with me.

Here's out lottery standings for today:

Team Points Odds at #1
Buffalo 43 20%
Edmonton 47 13.5%
Arizona 50 11.5%
Toronto /\ 58 9.5%
Carolina \/ 58 8.5%
Columbus 60 7.5%
New Jersey 66 6.5%
Philadelphia /\ 69 6.0%
Dallas \/ 70 5.0%
Colorado 71 3.5%
Ottawa 71 3.0%
Florida 72 2.5%
San Jose 74 2.0%
Los Angeles 77


Tonight. Oh boy tonight the Leafs host the professional tankers, the Buffaslug Tanks! The Leafs brass should play close attention to learn how to fix the rest of this season. By fix I mean break.

Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs
Best outcome: Buffalo in regulation

This will be hard for the Leafs to lose, but it's important they show the world they can tank just as well as anyone. Hopefully Phil carpools with Dion, Gardner, JVR, stop to rescue some kittens from a tree, show up late to the morning skate and get scratched.

New York Rangers at Washington Capitals
No Lottery impact

This ones for playoff teams, but I'd like the Caps to take the win, just to make a race between them and the Penguins for the last Metro spot.

Anaheim Ducks at Calgary Flames
No Lottery impact

Calgary is barely hanging on to that last Pacific spot, LA is right on their tail, tied in points. Since I'm naturally inclined to hate the Canadian teams, I want Anaheim to take this one.