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[Thursday's FTB]: Public spanking

The Leafs beat the Sabres after giving Kadri a very public spanking.

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Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

We don't really know what Kadri did, even the media are steering clear of speculating about it. Whatever it was that happened after the St. Louis game, Brendan Shanahan felt it necessary to give Kadri a very public spanking, again. Needless to say, this is overshadowing that whole hockey game thing the Leafs played last night, where they accidentally won.

Trading Kadri would be a mistake for Maple Leafs - Burtch is at Sportsnet now. This story also includes the Shanaban video [auto-play].

Leafs have no choice but to bet on Kadri - Jonas Seigel's point of view.

Nazem Kadri’s Leaf future hangs in balance after suspension - Bruce Arthur at The Star

Leafs win over Sabres overshadowed by Kadri’s suspension - James Mirtle's comments.
"In a story that has gone wrong in every possible way, the Leafs hosted another bad team in front of the quietest crowd of the season."

While it was quiet, one of the refs decided to sing some Journey. Richard Panik did not appear to approve of his singing voice. Kris Baker has the video.

Respect the best: Buffalo out-tanks Leafs (TOR: 4, BUF: 3 SO)
Here is Bower Powers recap of last night's game and all the sloppertunities.

Jack Capuano and Ray Ferraro on Hockey Accountability from the Inside
Light House Hockey wrote this last week, but ICYMI it's a good read given recent events.

There was also some other hockey last night.

Ovechkin got his 45th goal of the season, but the Caps still lost to the Rangers.

And the plucky Flames roasted the Ducks. Get it? Roasted? I'll show myself out.

The biggest story lines to watch down the stretch - ESPN
Scott Burnside reminds us the regular season has only 30 days to go and there's a lot of playoff spots still up in the air, especially in the west.

Red Wings' Johan Franzen has good days, bad days.
We linked to a brief story about Franzen's terrible concussion history last week, and now here is a more in-depth interview and update on his condition, and if he will really be able to come back to the game.

Winnipeg Jets are not getting good enough goal-tending to be a playoff team
Pavelec is going to get spanked hard in the playoffs.

Philly media wants to strip Claude Giroux's captaincy again.
The Flyers fell out of the playoff race this week. It didn't even take two days for the bored Philly media to write about how awful Claude Giroux is as a captain. Perhaps he should just be spanked.

Here are two dead, stuffed, bloody squirrels in a hockey fight.
That's really what it is. For real.

Would you like to see some naked rugby players? Of course you would!
It's for a good cause too. Definitely spankable.