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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 12): Leafs get two points, drop a spot

Leafs came back to beat the Sabres, and a couple big games on tap tonight.

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs could not out do the tank masters in Sabres last night. They are just too good at what they do. Here's where we stand in the lottery right now:

Team Points Odds at #1
Buffalo 44 20%
Edmonton 47 13.5%
Arizona 50 11.5%
Carolina /\ 58 9.5%
Toronto \/ 60 8.5%
Columbus 60 7.5%
New Jersey 66 6.5%
Philadelphia 69 6.0%
Dallas 70 5.0%
Colorado 71 3.5%
Ottawa 71 3.0%
Florida 72 2.5%
San Jose 74 2.0%
Los Angeles 77


Tonight the Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, and Coyotes play, so here's hoping for a loss all around.

Dallas Stars at Carolina Hurricanes
Best outcome: Carolina in regulation

We need the Hurricanes to win every time the Leafs lose to keep Toronto in 4th place.

Edmonton Oilers at Pittsburgh Penguins
Best Outcome: Edmonton over Pittsburgh in regulation
With the Sabres getting a point it makes that gap between 1 and 2 smaller, and if there's anyone I don't want getting a top 2 pick its Edmonton. Pittsburgh not getting a point keeps the Metro playoff race interesting.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins
Best Outcome: Lightning in regulation
Tampa Bay getting two points puts them ahead of the Predators and that's a good thing. Boston not getting a point is better for the Eastern Wild Card race.

Columbus Blue Jackets at Detroit Red Wings
Best Outcome: Columbus in regulation
Columbus must win. Toronto is tied with them in points, so again, when Toronto wins, Columbus must too. Also I don't care for the Red Wings, so nuts to them.

Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens
Best Outcome: Ottawa over Montreal in OT
Ottawa getting two points drops them in the lottery and thats great. Montreal getting one keeps them tied with TB for the Atlantic lead.

Winnipeg Jets at Florida Panthers
Best Outcome: Florida over Winnipeg in regulation

Winnipeg meets up with their old division mates and I want the Panthers to take 2 points here. Keeps them chasing the playoff dream and if LA wins tonight and the 'Peg loses, it knocks the Jets out of the playoffs.

Philadelphia Flyers at St. Louis Blues
Best Outcome: St. Louis over Philly in OT

St. Louis getting two points ties them with the Perds for the division lead and its great for that other 1st rounder the Leafs have if Nashville doesn't win the division. A point for Philly keeps them from creeping up that lottery standing.

New Jersey Devils at Colorado Avalanche
Best Outcome: New Jersey in overtime

The Devils weren't much of a lottery threat last week, but now only 6 points separates them from the Leafs. A win for them bumps that to 8 and a point for the Avs is always good for a low lottery player

Chicago Blackhawks at Arizona Coyotes
Best Outcome: Arizona gets two points

This is a hard one, but if the Coyotes can win, it makes that gap between Toronto and 3rd smaller. If the 'Hawks get a point or not, doesn't matter much.

Los Angeles at Vancouver
No Lottery Impact

The loser of this game gets the last lottery spot with 1% odds in winning, so it doesn't matter all that much. I'd like the Kings to win, because I don't like most Canadian teams.

Nashville Predators at San Jose Sharks
Best Outcome: San Jose in regulation

The Perds play the Shorks. Shorks are 3 points out of the playoffs so 2 points here is crucial. Also if SJ wins Nashvilles pick is closer to falling out of the division winner range.

Go Hurricanes, BJ's, Coyotes, and Shorks!