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[Sunday's FTB]: Tanking is a lonely job

Did anyone actually watch the game last night?

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You're supposed to keep the mouthgaurd in your mouth while playing, James.
You're supposed to keep the mouthgaurd in your mouth while playing, James.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The tank rolled on last night in Vancouver, but were you around to see it? It was pretty quiet around here, and I'm willing to bet the Leafs tank combined with a 4PM PST game time made for the lowest HNIC ratings of the season. There was also the usual inane commentary, including a sad attempt by Healy to link Kessel's shooting percentage decline to Carlyle getting fired.

Either way, the Leafs still managed to lose. The only goal was a Kessel penalty shot. There's not much new content out today, I can't even find any game recaps beyond this one from TSN, which is mostly filler and a video. I will add more links as they are posted through the day. Feel free to throw some into the comments.

Cherry: Kadri will be gone in two years.
Cherry used part of his segment to give a rather robust defence of Kadri, noting the Leafs organization has treated him like garbage since he was drafted.

Josh Ho-Sang vs. the world.
Sportsnet has a profile of the controversial first round pick from the last draft.

Pay up, ladies! The Boston Blades players owe their team money.
Hilary Knight made a cheeky comic about having to pay to play hockey and some feathers were ruffled.

Should the NHL suspend Mike Ribeiro over assault lawsuit?
On the Forecheck recaps the recent buzz on this topic, and comes to an interesting conclusion.


Why NHL’s leading scorers on historically unimpressive pace
Unless John Tavares, Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby pick up the pace, the NHL scoring leader is going to finish with the fewest amount of points in a full season since Andy Bathgate and Bobby Hull shared the Art Ross Trophy in 1962 with 84 points.

B.C. hockey parents with 'rink rage' face tougher penalties
Hockey parents who swear and yell at coaches, referees and players during their kids' games will be handed stiffer penalties next season by a British Columbia association that is taking aim at "rink rage" and inspiring officials across the country.

NHL eyes three-on-three overtime format that’s favoured in AHL
NHL eyeing experiment as fewer games decided in shootouts, but potentially longer play a concern

Player-development key in AHL shift to California
The most revolutionary part of the new set-up (the schedule still requires AHL board of governors’ approval) is that the teams in the California division play a slightly shorter schedule than the rest of the league, further emphasizing development.