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Welcoming our new Marlies and Solar Bears contributors

Please welcome our new Toronto Marlies contributor, Jeff Veillette and our new, Florida-based Orlando Solar Bears contributor, Achariya Tanya Rezak.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We're proud to announce that we have added Jeff Veillette (@Jeffler) and Achariya Tanya Rezak (@tanyarezak on Twitter and Achariya on PPP) as our two newest contributors.

Jeffler is a credentialed Toronto Marlies writer who currently works for The Leafs Nation and the Nation Network at large. He also manages and operates  The Faceoff Circle, a popular online platform that covers all things hockey as well as social media for Five Hole For Food, a not-for-profit that organizes nationwide road hockey events to collect donations for Canadian food banks.

He's going to be contributing a weekly Marlies post and we're lucky to have him.

Achariya has been writing excellent FanPosts on the Orlando Solar Bears and we loved her content so much we asked her to contribute them regularly in an effort to ramp up prospects coverage. She will be providing consistent Solar Bears content throughout the year. A published author and editor, Achariya has had her work work published with outlets like XOJane (and a few defunct music blogs), and has editing experience at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CNN.

Give them a warm welcome and look out for Jeff's first post tomorrow!