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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar 15): Leafs still chasing 4th

Carolina lost 2-0 to Florida last night, the Leafs still sit 2 points back of 4th in the lottery standings.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Canucks beat the Leafs 4-1 last night and my rec team lost out 4th straight round robin game, so we're destined for the last place game in our playoffs. Sadly we do not have a lottery, so all we get for losing a lot is sadness.

It's late on Sunday to write this, but so it goes. The IceDogs are beating Windsor 6-1 after 2, so it's an ok afternoon today.

The Leafs still sit in 4th, and the gap with Carolina is 2 points. The Hurricanes play the Blue Jackets today, so hopefully the Jackets can pick up a regulation win.

Here are your lottery games for Sunday March 15th.

Carolina Hurricanes at Columbus Blue Jackets
Best result: Carolina in regulation

This one is important, we need the Hurricanes to win 2 more games than the Leafs over the rest of the season, so the Leafs get 4th place, then we'll get one of Hanafin, Strome, or Marner (OR CROUSE!)

Florida Panthers at New York Rangers
Best result: Florida over New York

A lottery team that still has playoffs as the goal, giving them some points keeps those lower lotto teams farther from getting better picks.

Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues
Best Result: St. Louis over Dallas

St. Louis beating Dallas ties them with Nashville for the Central, and if they take the division, thats possibly makes Nashville's 1st better for the Leafs.

Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators
Best Result: 3 point game

These two are the lower teams, and either one winning is ok as long is it goes to extra time.

Nashville Predators at Anaheim Ducks
Best result: Anaheim in regulation

Same reason as the Blues/Stars, want to make the Nashville pick better.

Here's your Lottery chart for today:

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 44 14 20%
Edmonton 48 13 13.5%
Arizona 50 13 11.5%
Carolina 58 15 9.5%
Toronto 60 12 8.5%
Columbus 64 14 7.5%
New Jersey 69 13 6.5%
Philadelphia 72 12 6.0%
Dallas /\ 74 13 5.0%
Colorado \/ 75 13 3.5%
Ottawa /\ 75 15 3.0%
San Jose /\ 76 13 2.5%
Florida \/ 76 14 2.0%
Los Angeles + 79 14 1.0%