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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 17): Everything worked out alright

Everyone we needed to win won last night. Finally things go the Leafs way!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres lost, Oilers won, Arizona lost. Boy oh boy isn't that grand, lottery watchers? And to top it off the Canadiens lost, which I know many, many of you enjoy.

Leafs stay in 4th in the lotto, here's what's on tap for tonight, lottery-wise:

Ottawa Senators at Carolina Hurricanes
Best Result: Carolina wins in OT

Keep on winning Hurricanes! keep falling back of the Leafs. A point for Ottawa is good too, keeps giving them hope for playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins at New Jersey Devils
Best Result New Jersey wins

Any way NJ gets 2 points is good for me.

Buffalo Sabres @ Boston Bruins
Best Result: Boston in regulation

I know many of you don't want McEichel in Buffalo, but sorry, i can't give up on my feeling that Edmonton does not deserve anything nice any more.

Minnesota Wild at Nashville Predators
Best Result: Minnesota in regulation

Not a lottery game, but we do hold Nashvilles pick, so go on a big season ending Leafy losing streak Preds!

San Jose Sharks at Winnipeg Jets
Best Result: ehhh......too close to call

Both of these teams sit at the bottom of the lottery standings. Depends on your preference. I want SJ to iwn, keep Winnipeg out of the playoffs. Choose your own adventure on this one.

Philadelphia Flyers at Vancouver Canucks
Best Result: Flyers win

Padding the bottom of the lotto standings.

Chart is below. Edmonton and Arizona are tied in points, but the Coyotes have more ROW wins, so they sit higher (lower) in the standings than Edmonton

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 45 13 20%
Edmonton 50 12 13.5%
Arizona 50 12 11.5%
Toronto 60 11 9.5%
Carolina 60 14 8.5%
Columbus 64 13 7.5%
New Jersey 69 13 6.5%
Philadelphia 73 11 6.0%
Dallas 74 12 5.0%
Colorado 75 13 3.5%
Florida 76 13 3.0%
San Jose 76 13 2.5%
Ottawa 77 14 2.0%
Winnipeg+ 80 13 1.0%