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GM Meetings: Overtime and video review

The NHL General Managers met today in Boca Raton, Florida. No word if the tip calculators Bettman gave out as welcome presents were missing sevens.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Spring Break! Woo! The NHL general managers are spending March break in Florida and they've dug up some treasure on the beaches of Boca Raton. First on the docket is a change in Overtime, changing to a format similar to the AHL's 4-on-4  for three minutes, then 3-on-3 for four minutes, then a shootout formula. Am I the only one that's bugged that the length doesn't match the amount of players? Another suggestion was to go straight to five minutes of 3-on-3 then a shootout.

I prefer the first option, since it gives us an extra two minutes of hockey, and I like watching 3 on 3, it's fast and exciting. My only experience with it is at the IceDogs Family Day skills competition, but from what I've seen it doesn't slow down nearly as much as 5-on-5 can. I'm sure the NHL will find a way though.

Who would the Leafs put on the ice for 3-on-3?

1 D?
Phil Kessel - Nazem Kadri
Morgan Rielly


3 Forwards?

I like Phil Kessel.

Who would you put out there?

Another topic was letting a coach use his timeout as a flag to review a goal during a goalie interference call. Pittsburgh Penguins has this to say about it;
"Just based on the group we had, a smaller group, we did feel that made some sense, That has to go to a bigger group and have more of an open discussion about it. I think we're at the point where that's something we’d recommend."
There is talk of giving the on-ice officials a tablet or monitor in the penalty box to gather and review the goals with the video from the Toronto "war room". According to the recommendation the team must have a timeout left in order to challenge the call.

There's concern this could slow down the pace of a game, but we're not an baseball lengths yet, so I'm not too concerned, especially if this takes the place of a team's timeout.

So, about the changes, what do you think, puppets?