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[Wednesday's FTB]: Leafs officially not going to the playoffs

If losing builds character, just think of all of the character you have now!

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Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs' season is lumbering on, with only eleven games left to play. With the Leafs mathematically out of the playoffs (to the surprise of no one), the end can't come soon enough.

Hopefully you made it through St. Patrick's Day with some dignity and didn't try to drown your sorrows too aggressively.

Leafs Links

Pat Quinn celebrated by Canucks with Tribute-- CBC

I should know better than to start chopping onions whenever Pat Quinn is mentioned.

Mats Sundin is on team tank-- The Leafs Nation

All hail Saint Sundin.

Final stretch a life in lumbo for Lupul and Leafs-- Toronto Star

I usually don't link to articles by Rosie "Why Can't I Walk in the Bike Lanes" DiManno, but there are some interesting Lupul quotes here.

Jeffler's take on the potential Kadri suspension--The Leafs Nation

Nazem Kadri faces suspension for head shot-- Sportsnet

Since it's over the phone, it won't exceed five games. The tank is locked and loaded.

Around the League

The NHL's top scorers don't get to score as much-- Stephen Burtch

Roughly the same number of goals scored per game, but more parity amongst players means that the top scorers aren't scoring as much as they did when teams were less likely to roll four lines. This trend makes future Dr. Ovi's scoring record all the more impressive.

Sharks GM on Joe Thornton: "Our relationship is at a really good place"-- Puck Daddy

Thornton saying that Wilson needs to stop lying and shut his mouth put me in a pretty good place, at least.

What do you think about the NHL GMs approving 3-on-3 OT and coach's challenges? Who would you want in the Leafs 3-on-3?

Dysfunctional Oilers offer a lesson in how not to rebuild a team-- Mirtle

Here's hoping the Leafs can dust off their rearview mirrors in the future for a better view of the Oilers.

On outliers and the Calgary Flames-- The Faceoff Circle

So what you're saying is that outliers don't disprove trends?