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Kadri suspended 4 games for hit on Fraser

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

Nazem Kadri has been suspended 4 games following a meeting with the NHL's Department of Player Safety today for his hit on Edmonton's Matt Fraser on Monday night.

The hit earned him a 2 minute minor penalty for checking to the head. Fraser was forced to leave the game and has since been diagnosed with a concussion as a result.

It was just Kadri's second game back from a team-imposed suspension.

Kadri said the play happened fast and that he didn't intend to injure Fraser.

"I think he was just bent over a little bit," Kadri said following the game. "I felt like I kind of just tried to squeeze by him but then again, I mean things happen quick."

Still he's prepared to deal with the consequences.

"I don't consider myself a dirty player and I felt like my hands were down," he said. "It's up the league."

As someone who continues to deal with a tremor due to concussion issues, and who, for nearly 6 years following my last concussion dealt with other issues, it's checks like Kadri's that shouldn't be finished. Whether intentional or not, it's reckless. There's clear contact to the head and a player in a vulnerable position tracking a slow puck in his feet.

Check out the video of the hit below and decide for yourself.