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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 19): Call up Colton Orr?

My God that would be tanking to the extreme.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Toronto Marlies coach Gord Dineen has suggested the Maple Leafs bring up Colton Orr for the remainder of the season. What a smart man, he clearly wants Mitch Marner on the Marlies as soon as possible.

Last night in the tank Columbus beat Edmonton in overtime keep Columbus at bay in 6th place and the Oilers have moved out of 2nd in the lottery and given up their spot to the Coyotes.

This is good, they're out of McEichel territory. Now what I would love is Buffalo to go on a streak, Arizona would take 1st in the lotto and and the Leafs win it, and the draft is Leafs-Coyotes-Buffalo.

Perfect.  Here are tongiht's lottery games.

Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators
Best Result: Toss up

I don't know whats the best idea here, so I guess it depends on who you hate more. I'd love for the Sens to take this and make the Bruins worry.

Carolina Hurricanes at Montreal Canadiens
Best Result: Carolina wins

A Hurricanes win would put them 3 points back of the Leafs, and that would be excellent.

Detroit Red Wings at Florida Panthers
Best Result: Florida wins

The Panthers put all their eggs into the playoff basket and the need a win. I say every low lottery team needs a win.

San Jose Sharks at Toronto Maple Leafs
Best Result: Sharks in regulation

Oh man, can you imagine if the Oilers build off their recent wins and tear it up their last 11 games? Leafs would fall to third. That would be sweet.

Pittsburgh Penguins at Dallas Stars
Best Result: Dallas over Pittsburgh

Every low lotto team needs a win.

Philadelphia Flyers at Calgary Flames
Best Result: CYA

I want Calgary to win and knock Winnipeg out of the playoffs. Maybe you don't. Your choice.

Colorado Avalanche at Arizona Coyotes
Best Result: Colorado in regulation

Okay my anti-Oilers attitude wins here. Coyotes for #1!

Columbus Blue Jackets at Vancouver Canucks
Best Result: Columbus victory

The Jackets can keep on winning and just stay in 6th.

Here's your lotto chart, for today.

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 47 12 20%
Arizona /\ 50 12 13.5%
Edmonton \/ 51 11 11.5%
Toronto 60 11 9.5%
Carolina 61 13 8.5%
Columbus 66 12 7.5%
New Jersey 71 12 6.5%
Philadelphia 73 10 6.0%
Dallas 74 12 5.0%
Colorado 75 13 3.5%
Florida 76 12 3.0%
San Jose 76 12 2.5%
Ottawa 79 13 2.0%
Calgary 81 12 1.0%