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Leafs Lottery Guide (Mar. 21): Battle of Ontario?

Battle of Ontario? What do we want tonight?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs play the Senators three times tonight, and also play them two more times afterwards the rest of the season.  I'm conflicted. First of all fuck the Sens, but the lottery? I'm in a glass case of emotion here. Sens winning keeps us in 4th, but also moves them up and could knock Boston out of the playoffs, which is good. But then we lose to the Senators, which is bad. And if we win and Carolina loses we're back to 5th. Tonight is just a big ol' pile of potassium benzoate. Here are tonights games:

St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild
Best Result: St. Louis victory

The Blues win and it keeps Nashville away from the division lead, which puts us in Sprong territroy!

Columbus Blue Jackets at Calgary Flames
Best Result: Columbus win

Those BJ's are really playing hard lately. A win keeps them in 6th and away from the top 5.

Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers
Best Result: Florida win

Just to keep the East playoff picture more fun, and every low lottery team needs some points.

New York Islanders at New Jersey Devils
Best Result: New Jersey win

Get them points NJ. They'll never get as low as us, but safety first!

New York Rangers at Carolina Hurricanes
Best Result: Carolina victory

One that really matters here, Hurricanes are only one point behind us, we need them to win the battle of the Staals.

Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa Senators
Best Result: A Leafs regulation loss, I suppose. Ugh, I feel so dirty.

Buffalo Sabres at Nashville Predators
Best Result: Sabres win

Sorry Cody & Mike, but you guys need to keep on losing.

Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars
Best Result: Dallas win

Low lotto losers must get points

Pittsburgh Penguins at Arizona Coyotes
Best Result: Penguins win

Arizona for #2 (after the Leafs win the lottery)

Philadelphia Flyers at Edmonton Oilers
Best Result: Oilers win in OT

Oilers for #4! (After the Leafs win the lottery)

Here's your chart, not much to report after 3 games last night/

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 47 11 20%
Arizona 50 11 13.5%
Edmonton 51 11 11.5%
Toronto 60 10 9.5%
Carolina 61 12 8.5%
Columbus 68 11 7.5%
Philadelphia /\ 73 9 6.5%
New Jersey \/ 73 11 6.0%
Dallas 76 11 5.0%
Florida /\ 78 11 3.5%
Colorado \/ 78 11 3.0%
San Jose 78 11 2.5%
Ottawa 81 12 2.0%
Los Angeles 82 12 1.0%