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Leafs @ Sens preview: Spoilers?

Will the Leafs stick to their winning strategy of tanking hard; or will they take the opportunity to spoil the Senators' playoff hopes?

Harry How/Getty Images

7:00 PM on Sportsnet.

NB: Not on CBC, or HNIC.

The first and most important thing to know about tonight's game is that it is not on CBC. I guess they figured out so few Leafs fans care to watch the games now that a Sharks @ Habs match-up will attract a bigger audience (meaning more than 10). They're probably right.

There are, mercifully, only 10 games left for this team. For some bizarre reason the schedulers assigned three of these ten matches to be between the Leafs and Senators. Tonight is the first.

What can we expect? The SNES were trending out of the playoffs one month ago, but, due to injuries, they called up a little known prospect, Andrew Hammond. Hammond has since posted a 12-0-1 record, thrusting the Senators right back to the edge of the playoff bubble.

Tonight's million dollar question is: what is more satisfying to Leaf fans; dashing the Senators playoff hopes; or securing a slightly better chance at a higher draft pick?

Beyond that, today's big story is the Leafs' continued slump, and the drama it has created, especially after an anonymous bottom six player ratted to the National Post that the locker room was a disaster.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ dressing room ‘pretty screwed up'

Several players have mouthed off to the press about the team this season; Bernier, Polak, and Jokinen, most recently. Of course we don't have inside information, but it's clear tensions are running high, and some of the players are pissed off. Whether it's at each other, the fans, management; or the coaches, is unclear.

One player who won't be pissed off tonight is Eric Brewer, playing in his 1,000th NHL game; a fantastic accomplishment, no matter what your skill level, due to the brutal, physical, nature of NHL hockey.

Apparently, if the Sens win tonight, everyone gets a free, shitty, McDonald's hamburger.

I say Leafs should go hard for the win tonight, because it will make Ottawa children cry when they don't get their hamburger.


I'm awful.

Jonas Siegel says Reimer will start in goal. Otherwise, the lines should be the same as the last game.

Vote below for how you think the Leafs should play!