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[Sunday's FTB]: Low down

The Leafs only know how to do two things: lose games, and sign players you've never heard of.

"Hey! I saw you trying to score! Stop that!"
"Hey! I saw you trying to score! Stop that!"
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The downward spiral continues with the Leafs loss to the Sens. As hard as it is to cheer for a Sens win, there are some benefits here--the Leafs advance in their quest for the best possible draft pick, and the Sens move closer and closer to the wild card spot. I don't want the Sens to be successful, but the Bruins missing the playoffs would be a thing of true beauty (and it's not like Ottawa will make it out of the first round, anyway). The Leafs play the Sens two (two!) more times before the end of the season. Hopefully they can keep this mutually beneficial partnership going.

Sens Survive Leafs' Second, Win 5-3 - Silver Seven

A view of the game from the Sens side of things.

The other thing the Leafs have been doing lately? Signing free agents. It's hard to gauge what these players will be able to do, since one is from the KHL and one from the NCAA, but neither seems like a huge risk, and the Leafs will need someone to play next year.

Nikita Speaks: A Collection of Quotes from the Leafs' Latest Addition | The LeafsNation

Some quotes from Nikita Soshnikov. Interesting insight into how he ended up signing.

Dave Nonis on Casey Bailey signing | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Please let this be one of the last times we hear Nonis' voice.

Leafs Sign College Free Agent Casey Bailey | The LeafsNation

More thoughts on the Casey Bailey signing

The Story on How Alex Ovechkin’s Parents First Met is Adorable

Just for fun: a sweet story from Ovi's family.