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Leafs Lottery Guide March 22: Leafs lose and 4th is ours!

Oilers win, Columbus won, Hurricanes got a point, the Leafs lost. Still in 4th.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's looking more and more sure that fourth place in the lottery is ours. Barring a Leafs win streak happening of course. One of Strome, Marner, Hanafin is ours. Or Crouse, or McDavid if you're feeling lucky. San Jose made a huge jump in the lottery standings, going from 12th to 10th, odds are up 1% on winning. The Eastern conference wild card race just got interesting, with Ottawa only 1 point out and Florida 3 points back.

Here are your lottery games for today:

St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings
Best Result: Blues victory

The Blues need to lock up the division as soon as possible o keep Nashville down.

Vancouver Canucks at Arizona Coyotes
Best Result: Your choice.

I want Arizona to lose as I've stated before. If you don't want them to place 30th or knock the Oilers out of the top two (for some weirdo reason) you want them to lose.

Non-Lottery games
Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning

The Bruins are just one point ahead of the Senators. I would to love to see the Bruins miss the playoffs, because Boston nees to give up winning sports for a while. Spoiled jerks.

Anaheim Ducks at New York Rangers
An Anaheim loss in regulation would make a 3 way tie for league lead lead with Rangers, Ducks, and Canadiens having 99 points. A good close race for the presidents trophy is great.

Here's your lottery chart:

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 47 10 20%
Arizona 50 10 13.5%
Edmonton 53 10 11.5%
Toronto 60 9 9.5%
Carolina 62 11 8.5%
Columbus 70 10 7.5%
New Jersey /\ 73 10 6.5%
Philadelphia \/ 74 8 6.0%
Dallas 78 10 5.0%
San Jose /\ 78 10 3.5%
Colorado 78 11 3.0%
Florida \/ 80 10 2.5%
Los Angeles /\ 82 11 2.0%
Ottawa \/ 83 11 1.0%