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Leafs vs. Wild open thread

Why did you click the link? I told you not to!

No helmet. Much goal score. So truculence.
No helmet. Much goal score. So truculence.
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Leafs vs. Wild

7:30 PM on TSN

Tonight the Leafs host the Wild, a team we don't see very often. With 87 points, the Wild are in the top wild card spot in the NHL Western Conference; 5 points back of the Blackhawks, who hold the last Central division position; and 5 points up on the Kings, who are the top west team out of the wild card slots.

With only 9-10 games left, it sounds like the Wild are reasonably secure with their playoff birth, right?

But then you take a look at the Wild's schedule for the rest of this season.

Absolutely brutal. Every single one of their remaining games is against playoff bound teams, several of them legit Cup contenders. Even LA, who is is actually just on the outside of the playoff bubble, still has a chance, and will therefore likely be desperate to get the win at any cost.

The Wild badly need an easy two points tonight. And we are more than happy to give it to them!

There will be a pre-game ceremony tonight for Eric Brewer to acknowledge his participation in 1,000 NHL games.

Expect to never see him play again.

That means heads should be in the LOSING space!

And it's on!

While Nonis indicated he intends to have him play, Casey Bailey will not join the team for a few more days. If you want to learn more about him, head here.