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Leafs Lottery Guide March 23rd: No change

Toronto takes on Minnesota tonight, and the Hurricanes take on Chicago as no one moves in the lottery standings

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

There wasn't much going on last night, the Coyotes lost, which was a coin flip good or bad.

Tonight Toronto hosts Minnesota, the Hurricanes play Chicago, and lots of games are going on for a Monday.

Chicago Blackhawks at Carolina Hurricanes
Bet Result: Hurricanes victory

It would be great to have the Hurricanes pull off a win, to widen the gap between 4th and 5th, but an OT loss is good too.

Los Angeles Kings at New Jersey Devils
Best Result: New Jersey win

Every late pick needs lots of points.

Minnesota Wild at Toronto Maple Leafs
Best Result: Minnesota in regulation

Need to hold onto fourth!

San Jose Sharks at Ottawa Senators
Best Result: Sharks in OT

I'm on the Sens for the playoffs bandwagon because the Bruins have had too many nice things recently, but I'd rather see San Jose there more. 3 point game!

Buffalo Sabres at Dallas Stars
Best Result: Sabres win

Need to make the dream draft come true (1- Leafs 2-Arizona 3- Buffalo 4 - Edmonton)

Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames
Best result: 3 point game

No real need for a winner, just a 3 point game here

Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers
Best Result: Oilers victory

Go Oilers Go!

No change in the standings from yesterday.

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 47 10 20%
Arizona 50 9 13.5%
Edmonton 53 10 11.5%
Toronto 60 9 9.5%
Carolina 62 11 8.5%
Columbus 70 10 7.5%
New Jersey 73 10 6.5%
Philadelphia 74 8 6.0%
Dallas 78 10 5.0%
San Jose 78 10 3.5%
Colorado 78 11 3.0%
Florida 80 10 2.5%
Los Angeles 82 11 2.0%
Ottawa 83 11 1.0%