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Well, that's over (Leafs lose 4-1)

The Panthers needed a win. The Leafs are mid-tank. What did you think was going to happen?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn't able to watch tonight's game, but sticking to the highlights seems advisable at this point in the season. Huberdeau ripped a shot for the opener, Kampfer beat Bernier from the half-boards, and Pirri had two goals on the night (one of which was the empty netter). Morgan Rielly helped Sam Carrick get his first as a Maple Leaf, so there were two Pirric victories this evening.

The Leafs' top line continues to struggle scoring goals - despite JVR and Kessel combining for 11 shots on goal - and, consistent with historical trends, continues to allow goals against. Nevertheless, they get more ice time and Bozak stays at C. At this point, where's the fun in that? Throw Lindstrom or McKegg or Komarov in the middle there, becuse it's sure as heck not going to be worse.

Those goals on Bernier did not look good, and it got him pulled 34 minutes in.

Despite being listed as the second line center in tonight's pre-game lineup tweets, McKegg played just 12:16 of ice time. I'm not sure if he was benched in reaction to something, but I imagine it can't hurt to give him all the ice he can skate at this point in the season.

What'd you think of the Leafs' play? I mean, besides the obvious "it was bad and it made them lose." Edmonton plays Dallas tomorrow night, and two points there could really help the Leafs' situation in the standings. Schedule weekend plans, because Toronto will play another game against Ottawa this Saturday - seems like a good opportunity for the Leafs to throw away another two points. Seven games left. Go Tank Go.