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Leafs Lottery Guide: The final countdown

The Maple Leafs have just six games left, can they keep their spot in fourth?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After a must win game on Saturday we return to our regularly scheduled tanking. My apologies for the missing posts, I was more useless than usual last week, but back I am. Our Leafs still sit in fourth place in the lottery, not much changed in the standings over the past week. Some jumping around the bottom, but the top 5 stayed where they are.

Tonight we see part 2 of tank vs rebuild, Buffalo at Arizona:

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens
No Lottery Implication

If you're a "No Habs No " type of person, a Lightning win puts them 1 point back of 1st in the Atlantic. If you're not, then you want a win. I'll take a 3 point game going either way.
(Lightning Fan Note: If the Lightning get a point tonight, they clinch a playoff spot)

Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues
Best Result: St. Louis win
The Predators (and our other 1st rounder)  have retaken first in the Central, so a Blues win puts them 1 point back.

Calgary Flames at Dallas Stars
Best Result: Calgary win

Dallas isn't in the playoffs, but Calgary is. There fore, Calgary making the playoffs means one less Canadian team  in the running for McDavid.

Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks
Best Result: LA win
LA needs a win, they're only 1 point back of Calgary for the last Pacific spot. Let's keep these races interesting.

Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche
Best Result: Edmonton win

There's a five point gap between Toronto and Edmonton. If the Oilers win just 3 more games than the Leafs over the last 2 weeks, we could get 3rd in the lottery....

Buffalo Sabres at Arizona Coyotes
Best Result: Buffalo win in regulation

Let's make a little drama here, get those Sabres fans worried.

This is what each team is playing for:

Here's your Lottery Standings:

Team Point


Odds at #1
Buffalo 48 7 20%
Arizona 54 6 13.5%
Edmonton 57 7 11.5%
Toronto 62 6 9.5%
Carolina 67 7 8.5%
New Jersey 74 6 7.5%
Columbus 76 7 6.5%
Philadelphia 77 6 6.0%
Colorado 82 7 5.0%
San Jose 83 6 3.5%
Dallas 84 6 3.0%
Florida 85 6 2.5%
Ottawa 86 6 2.0%
Los Angeles 88 7 1.0%