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[Thursday's FTB]: Downhill from here

We've almost certainly seen the most exciting Leafs game of the season. Do they have to play the others?

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the Leafs played on Tuesday, there were goalie shenanigans to such an absurd degree that even Leaf-hating fans of other teams were tuning in to see what would go down. When the Leafs play tonight, they will probably get hemmed in their own zone and score no more than two goals. The kind of game that even a die-hard fan will fall asleep in front of. Unless Kessel and Phaneuf decide to take their aggression towards the Toronto media out on the opposing team.

But on the bright side, there are only 18 games left, and Peter Holland straight-up admitted that the Leafs might have lost without the injuries to both goalies. We can get through this and come out on the other side with a decent draft pick. We can!

Here are some links to help pass the time:

Mirtle: Athletes should be judged on their performance, not persona - The Globe and Mail

Mirtle with some good points about judging athletes primarily on their athletic feats. Obviously you can take this too far - off-ice and on-ice performance can be connected, and you don't want a harmful or abusive guy on your team. But way too many people equate "bad interview skills" with "bad character" or "bad player."

Leafs Notebook - March 4 | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Analysis of the deadline moves and other assorted thoughts from Maple Leafs Hotstove. I sympathize with his fifth point.

Hot Take: A Media Lesson for the Media - The Copper & Blue
An interesting take on what the media should learn from media-athlete feuds.

Leafs' Booth hopes analytics aid in uncertain future - Article - TSN

David Booth is hoping his underlying numbers get him another job after this season. As GMs start to build their bottom sixes with "bargain bin" players, I think he's in luck.

CWHL Numbers: Clarkson Cup Matchup Preview |

Not every Toronto hockey team is bad. The Toronto Furies of the CWHL, defending Clarkson Cup champions, are trying to take back the title for a second time. NHLNumbers has your stats preview if you're thinking about watching some successful Toronto hockey. We've almost certainly seen the most exciting Leafs game of the season. Do they have to play the others?