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We've updated our community guidelines

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have updated our community guidelines to better serve the diverse community at PPP. The following guidelines will be strictly monitored and enforced and can also be found on our Community Guidelines page.

We understand the Leafs can keep their fans testy at the best of times, but there are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to respect the contributions of our diverse community members.

Our ground rules are outlined below. While each case will be handled on an individual basis, these ground rules, if violated, are subject to a warning, and a potential ban for continued abuse.

None of the following will be tolerated: 
1. Personal attacks against individual community members. 
2. Libelous or defamatory comments. 
3. Offensive or abusive comments, such as those containing racism, sexism, or homophobia. 
4. Harassing community members.

PPP should be a place where all feel their opinions are valued, but that is not an excuse for any of the above violations.

In addition, as a member blog of SB Nation, and Vox Media, PPP is governed by Vox Media’s Terms of Use. Also, check out the updated guides to FanPosts and FanShots.

Make sure you are commenting and contributing in a productive, respectful, welcoming manner.

We hope this will help make PPP a more inclusive, productive community.