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[Monday's FTB]: You're late!

I hope you all have your clocks sorted out.

Infrared cameras - so hip right now.
Infrared cameras - so hip right now.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

LATEGHAZI: Kadri was late to practice yesterday. There's no confirmation, but you know it was totally the time change. Did you forget too? Or are you one of those allegedly "hip" Millennials who only uses their "i-device" as a clock and does weird dances like the macaroona?

Maple Leafs' Kadri misses meeting, sent home
"That's the message: You're going to have to work, you have to be a pro, you have to show up every day" (except while we're trying to tank /wink wink).

Horachek: Kadri was late for meeting, I sent him home
Here's the video of Horachek explaining what happened while a gleeful DiManno realizes she won't have to work hard to write her next column.

Maple Leafs need to look inward for answers
Friedman has some extra thoughts about the Leafs.

Clues were there ahead of Maple Leafs’ lost season
"The first clue this Maple Leafs season was going to be a disaster might have been when coach Randy Carlyle was retained after a disastrous 2013-14 season." Note that this is written by McGran, who has always seemed neutral on Carlyle, so it's not a shocking statement for him, but in the context of our sports media as a whole, I don't recall ever seeing this in writing by any news outlet before today.

Sens blow lead but top Flames in SO
Sportsnet recaps last nights wild game in Ottawa where the Flames came back from a 4-0 deficit at the start of the third to force a shootout. Also, there's this hilarious Burke reaction pic I snapped.

Oilers also blow a big lead
They were up 3-0, but somehow lost 4-7, despite Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' hat trick and assist. Semin also scored a bizarre goal.

Scoring Chances & Goal Differential 2005-present
The Copper & Blue shows you how the Oilers are the worst team of the Corsi era.

McDavid the main event for sellout OHL crowds
An 18-year-old comet blazing across the horizon of major junior hockey, McDavid has become the rarest thing in sports: An athlete who can provide memories on demand.

Oshawa Generals tie franchise record for points in OHL season
Speaking of the OHL: one of last years picks is back and tearing it up with the Generals.

Redemption: The Reggie Leach Story
This featurette on Reggie Leach is really nice. Good to see someone at Rogers cares about the quality of their work.

Minnesota High School Hockey Hair, Ranked
Exactly what the headline says it is.

The NJ Devils 1995 Stanley Cup, the trap and parking lot parades
A nice interview of John MacLean by Puck Daddy on playing with he cup winning Devils

Bee swarm delays Cactus League game
Something exciting actually happened at a baseball game!

We've updated our community guidelines
I have yet to look them over myself, but I'm pretty sure cargo shorts are banned; because why wouldn't they be?