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Leafs lottery guide: March 9th, 2015

After taking the weekend off, let's resume our look towards draft day...

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Yeah, uh, sorry no guides on the weekend, the kids were sent away to their grandparents for the first time since...hell i can't remember. As much of a lost weekend as you can have in your early 30's with a bad back and spending an afternoon looking at model homes.

I hate my own house now BTW.

Anyway, here are your lottery standings:

Points Odds at #1
Buffalo 43 20%
Edmonton 47 13.5%
Arizona 49 11.5%
Toronto 57 9.5%
Carolina 57 8.5%
Columbus 58 7.5%
New Jersey 66 6.5%
Dallas 68 6.0%
Philadelphia 69 5.0%
Colorado 71 3.5%
Ottawa 71 3.0%
Florida 72 2.5%
San Jose 72 2.0%
Los Angeles 75


Alright! Go Leafs! Back down to 27th place and 9.5% shot at #1! Man I hope Arizona and Edmonton go on winning streaks.

Here are tonight games:

Edmonton Oilers at Detroit Red Wings
Best outcome:Edmonton over Detroit in regulation

It doesn't matter if Detroit gets a point, but I like it when they lose.

New York Islanders at Toronto Maple Leafs
Best outcome: NY over Toronto in regulation

Gotta keep those points away from the ACC, and give the Isles a 3 point lead on 1st in their division.

Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks
Best outcome: Meh. Let's say Anaheim over Vancouver in regulation.

No Lottery hits here but Anaheim getting 2 points keeps them ahead of Nashville. I also dislike the other Canadian teams, so let's give the Canucks no points and let LA take their spot.

Nashville Predators at Arizona Coyotes
Best outcome: Arizona over Nashville in regulation.

One game that affects two picks. Arizona all the way on this one.

Pittsburgh Penguins at San Jose sharks
Best outcome: San Jose over Pittsburgh in regulation

No worries for the Leafs on this one, but I want SJ to make it over Calgary and would love to see people panic i nthe hockey mecca if the Pens barely make the playoffs in a wild card spot.

Big night tonight. Got islanders! Go Coyotes!