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[Monday's FTB]: Bloody Sunday


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Someday, you'll be fired too, Dave.
Someday, you'll be fired too, Dave.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It happened. It really happened. Management accountability for continued failure.

So buckle up because it's going to be a crazy news day!

Leafs fire Horachek and Nonis: Our thoughts.
Here is the official (and best) coverage of the tumultuous day.

Mirtle: Leafs’ Shanahan drops the axe, kick-starts long overdue rebuild
Brendan Shanahan fired GM Dave Nonis on Sunday. He fired head coach Peter Horachek, two assistant coaches, a goalie coach, the head of pro scouting and almost the entire 24-person scouting staff.

Shanahan's new GM must align with Leafs' vision
Bob McKenzie at TSN shares his thoughts on who should be the new GM

Maple Leafs’ bloody Sunday solidifies Shanahan’s power
The Star stole our headline idea!

Bob McKenzie: Mike Futa could be a perfect fit for Leafs GM
Maple Leafs Hotstove looks at Futa and other available candidates.

Kyle Dubas, Maple Leafs implementing a new vision for player development | KyleTheReporter
Former decision makers preferred to focus on a "winning culture" at the minor-league level — even if it meant a prospect became a healthy scratch over a veteran.

Horachek wasn't the only coach fired yesterday.

Ted Nolan fired as Buffalo Sabres head coach - Die By The Blade
The coach of the worst team in the league has been relieved of his duties.

Murray says Nolan ‘wasn’t a perfect fit’
In Tim Murray’s perfect world, the Sabres’ general manager would be good buddies with his coach. They would respect each other, chat often and agree on how personnel decisions should be made. Murray didn’t have that with Ted Nolan.

Elsewhere in the league

The Grabovski effect | Islanders Point Blank
Mikhail Grabovski has begun practicing with the team for the first time since suffering a brutal concussion on February 19th and is on pace for a return during the playoffs.

Report: Kane could return for playoff opener
The Chicago Blackhawks could have Patrick Kane back in the lineup when they open their first-round series against the Nashville Predators.

Jaromir Jagr inks one-year deal to return
He’ll be back: Jagr inks deal to return to Panthers.

Stanley Cup Playoffs broadcast schedule -
Glen Healy will be doing the Sens-Habs. Bob Cole will be doing the Ranger-Penguins. I know which one I will be watching.

The New York Islanders 2014-15 Regular Season recapped by cats
This is exactly what it says it is. For real.