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2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Day 3

Game Previews and your discussion thread found here. Also that lost gold the Hardy Boys are always looking for.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's day 3 of the Playoffs, and we're onto game 2 for the series that started on Wednesday. Below are some previews, and enjoy the games! I'm going somewhere that doesn't get any sports tv, so it will be only MTL/OTT for me. hurrah!

New York Islanders at Washington Capitals
SBN: Lighthouse Hockey / Japers Rink
Last Game: NY Islanders won 4-1
Series Status: NYI Lead 1-0

The Islanders easily took game one and look to continue on their march to the Rangers. I'd love to see the Caps win a cup, but come one, we all want Islanders/Rangers in the playoffs when both teams are good.

Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens
SBN: Silver Seven Sens / Habs Eyes on the Prize
Last Game: Canadiens won 4-3
Series Status: MTL Leads 1-0

How will Ottawa respond to #slashghatezi? By scoring more goals? By doing something stupid on the ice and making things worse? Will Montreal spot Ottawa a goal this time?


Chicago Blackhawks at Nashville Predators
SBN: Second City hockey / On the Forecheck
Last Game: Chicago won 4-3 2OT
Series Status: CHI Leads series 1-0

Nashville blew a 3 goal lead to lose to the Blackhawks in double OT. Is this just a sign they aren't ready yet? Has Rinne been the reason they stayed on top for so long? i don't know, you'd need to ask someone smart. I'm just a smartass.

Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks
SBN: Matchsticks & Gasoline / Nucks Misconduct
Last Game: Calgary won 2-1
Series Status: CGY Leads series 1-0

The Flames are still" fuck you stats" and winning games. Good for them. The Canucks are still disliked by many. I picked the Flames to make it past this round then promptly lose so Go Flames! Then flame out. Too bad the new Fantastic Four isn't coming out soon, they could get Johnny Fire Guy to drop the puck and yell his catchphrase "Flames are Go!"

Go Hockey!