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Stanley Cup Playoffs Day 8: Elimination looms large

Two teams could be sent packing tonight.

Two teams. No cups.
Two teams. No cups.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There are four games on tap tonight, and two of them could end with series sweeps.

Canadiens at Senators

7:00PM ET- CBC, TVA, USA Network
Game 1: Sens 3 - Habs 4
Game 2: Sens 2 - Habs 3 OT
Game 3: Sens 1 - Habs 2 OT
Series Status: Habs lead 3-0

It's death watch time for the SNES. Carey Price is carrying a 0.955 sv% this series, meaning the odds of maiking it to game 5 are slim.

I just want this series over so I don't have to hear more about at least one of these teams - and so we can move on to wild narratives! There will be wild narratives, right Sportsnet? I mean someone on the Sens must be a choker. And there's too many Swedes and not enough Canadian boys who rode the bus, amirite Don Cherry? THMBS UP LET'S GO! Also aren't the fans partially to blame in some way? Of course they are! Can't wait to hear all about it just like when the Leafs lose, right Glenn Healy?

Rangers at Penguins

Game 1: Rags 2 - Pens 1
Game 2: Rags 3 - Pens 4
Game 3: Rags 2 - Pens 1
Series Status: Rags lead 2-1

Speaking of good Canadian boys who rode the bus, Crosby leads the Pens in goals so far, but just with 2. King Hank actually has a lower sv%, .915, than LOLMAF so far, but they are both being tested by some of the NHL's best.

If you don't want to listen to Healy blab all night about how the Senators are such a great team, trying so hard, you can instead listen to the soothing voice of Bob Cole calling this game.

Or you could just watch this sexy GIF of the Ranger's Carl Hagelin on a loop for three hours. Your call.

Mighty Ducks at Thrashers

9:30PM ET- SN, USA Network, TVA Sports
Game 1: ATL 2 - Ducks 4
Game 2: ATL 1 - Ducks 2
Game 3: ATL 4 - Ducks 5 OT
Series Status: Ducks lead 3- 0

In their last game the Ducks got bored or something and decided just for fun to take the Thrashers to overtime so they could ruin their fans first home playoff game since that time the current coach of the ex-Atlanta Flames got them to the playoffs in 2006-07. Did that make sense? If not look here.

Blues at Wild

9:30PM ET- SN 360, NBC SN, TVA Sports 3, Fox Sports North & MidWest
Game 1: Wild 4 - Blues 2
Game 2: Wild 1 - Blues 4
Game 3: Wild 3 - Blues 0
Series Status: Wild lead 2 -1

This is the series I have followed the least so far, which is unfortunate as it looks like it's been great hockey. Tarasenko is on fire; and the goal-tending has been stellar, including Devan Dublin whom the Oilers dumped in favour of Ben Scrivens last year.

So crack open a beer, and get out $17 to have your push brooms re-bristled. We may have some sweet sweeping action tonight!