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Leafs cripple Sens' playoff hopes, fall to Bruins in a shootout (2-1 SO)

The Maple Leafs' goaltending kept them in a close-scoring game against the Boston Bruins. I'll give you a second to check what year it is, then we can proceed.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bergeron scored the Bruins' only goal by getting open not once, but twice. JVR scored the Leafs' only goal, care of a Morgan Rielly shot from the point. Outside of that, it was Reim time.

Tonight featured a hell of a game from James Reimer, who stopped 49 shots on goal, 33 of which were recorded by War-on-ice as scoring chances.  He was active in playing the puck in the first, and did a great job to get behind rebounds when the Bruins got second chances.

Morgan "bright spot" Rielly and Gardiner sure are fun to watch. Nice to see Rielly generate a goal, and I think JVR's face-down celebration is a good picture of where he should be playing when he's on ice.

The Leafs' PK was effective, but it was largely because of some pretty serious shot blocking - the Leafs blocked 7 of the Bruins' 15 shot attempts while on the man advantage. At this point in the season, if it works, it works, but it probably shouldn't be confused with 'good' (not that much on this team is at risk of being confused for that).

I think Bergeron's goal looked pretty bad on Dion, and I'm not entirely sure why Dion is so slow to challenge Bergeron.  The notoriously dangerous Bergeron got open in the middle of the Leafs' zone, then he got a shot, then he got a rebound.

It was nice to see a close game, even if it was for the same old reasons - a .980 performance from a losing goaltender. What'd you think?