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2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview/GDT May 1: Go Habs No

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It's Tampa at Montreal then Minnesota at Chicago in Day 2 of the division finals!

Daniel Kubus/Getty Images

No Habs No is the common rallying cry of the Leafs fan. Some of us disagree, but so it goes. Tonights games should be good, and it's (Future Toronto Maple Leafs captain) Stamkos vs Subban! plus the Blackhawks play the Wild, which will be one to focus on the goal tending.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens
7:00PM - CBC, TVA Sports, NBCSN
Raw Charge vs Eyes on the Prize / SAP Stats Analysis Preview

The Lightning defeated the Habs all 5 times they played each other this season, with 21 goals for and 8 goals against.

Here's their head to head:

This won't be the same pushover team the Canadiens faced last year, mostly because the Leafs didn't take out the Lightnings starter before the playoffs. We've also been missing (Future Toronto Maple Leafs captain) Steven Stamkos from the goal scorers list, but who wouldn't want to kick off your playoff goals fest against Norris trophy nominated defender, and childhood team mate, PK Subban, just get some wrist guards.

The Canadiens still aren't the most offensive team so it will be up to them to kick it off or the Lightning D-corps and Bishop to not get into a slower headspace by not seeing much action.

You all know who I'll be cheering for, but either way I think this will be an enjoyable series.

Minnesota at Chicago
9:30PM - NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports 2
Hockey Wilderness vs Second City Hockey SAP Stats Analysis

This one, I have no feelings about other than goddammit St. Louis you messed up my bracket! The Wild are shaking off the "boring" label of old, but could become more exciting if Tomas Vanek started scoring. Preview

This one is about goal tending. Cinderella story (and Masterson Nominee) Devyn Dubnyk's star has become average, but he never got pulled, Corey Crawford. Minnesota is to watch if Dubnyk can stay afloat and Chicago is to see if they can stick with one guy for the series.

The Chicago/Minnesota could be a great series, but is probably the one I'll forget the most about.

Go Habs No!