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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: May 13 Caps @ Rangers - Round two ends

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The last game of the second round is upon us.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Habs have moved on. And left a new day. A perfect day.

But the second round is not quite over.

After leading the series three games to one, the Rags fought back and tied it all up.

There's a lot of PPPers who would love Ovi to finally get his cup. There's a lot of PPPers who think if the Rags get a win tonight they have the Cup in the bag. It's going to be an amazing game.The reality is this will be a goaltenders battle. Both Hank and Holtby are hitting 0.950sv% this means it is anyone's game.

Japer's Rink preview here.

Blueshirt Banter preview here.

Let's go space Ovi!

We've covered this series ad nauseum so there won't be any more link or tweets. At this point, you need to just need to strap yourselves in for an epic battle!