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[Monday's FTB]: O Canada

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Canada wins, and so do you.

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"Where is everybody?" I thought, staring at the front page of PPP. No traffic, no comments, no FTB. Was everybody still off getting drunk because of yesterday's epic beatdown of the Red Army? Did all of Canada really care so much about IIHF victory that they stopped work for a day because of it?!

Then I saw a tiny note on the editorial schedule: Victoria Day. Oh. God Save the Queen, I guess! Canadians, have an awesome Monday (while I toil here at work), and happy victory over Russia!

Oh, hey, this is important: There is a SECOND attempt to fill the void that Capgeek left behind:

Hockey's Cap

What do y'all think?


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I am posting this article more so that we can make fun of it than anything else.

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The first two rounds of this year’s playoffs have offered some great examples of the strengths and limitations of hockey’s new numbers. What follows are breakdowns of four key teams, their stories and how their playoff paths were – or weren’t – foreseeable from the start.