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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: May 26 Rangers @ Bolts

Finally, a Leafs' perspective on the ECF.

Did you know the guy on the right is a UFA?
Did you know the guy on the right is a UFA?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Eastern Conference Finals schedule:

Game Date Time Location Network
6 Tuesday 5/26 8 PM Amalie NBCSN, CBC, TVA
*7 There will be no game 7 No Nope None for you, Rags

We talk a lot at PPP about Tampa's UFAs, but we haven't really talked about New York's. I thought an interesting, less partisan perspective on tonight's game would be to compare the offerings of each team, and see how each pending UFA would fit on a Leafs lineup.

(As for tonight's game, the Rangers are going to play really hard and the Bolts are going to try to end the series here, which reminds me so much of the Canadiens-Lightning series that I don't feel the need to harp on it. No, a better question is, would Stamkos truly suit the Leafs as well as the MUCH cheaper, tried-and-true option of bringing back Dominic Moore?)

Here's my take on upcoming UFAs from the Lightning and the Rags:

Player stats - Rangers

Marty St. Louis, Age 1000

  • Too old and irrelevant for the Leafs, so never mind MSL.
  • Screw this guy.

Dominic Moore, Age 34

James Sheppard, Age 27

Keith Yandle, Age 28, Good American Boy

Dan Boyle, Age 38

Cam Talbot, Age 27

Player stats - Lightnings

Steven Stamkos, Age 25

  • Boring
  • Old news
  • This is not the 1C winger you are looking for

Brenden Morrow: Age 36

Braydon Coburn, Age 30,

  • Born in Calgary. Drafted 8th overall by the Atlanta Thrashers.
  • Don't you want a former Thrasher on your team?!
  • He does tend to break his feet a lot.
  • But he's also a pretty good top-four D, which is saying a lot when he's in Victor Hedman's shadow.
  • He's, well, his Flyera smell isn't entirely washed off.

Mike Angelidis: Age 29

And now, you have enough information to make your own decisions!

With thanks to General Fanager, below is the current cap information available for both the teams playing tonight.









Anyone catch your eye?