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[Thursday's FTB]: EKane pushes back against THW

Last night during the western conference final, Evander Kane fulfilled our deepest desires to see a player not take shit.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Remember yesterday's story about Evander Kane, written by a contributor to The Hockey Writers? I'm not going to link to it, but it's posted in the comments to the Wednesday FTB. Consensus was that the article was crap, the writer was deluded, and the ten-year-old kid mentioned in it was much more mature than the author was.

One of the "points" of the article was that EKane cast a shadow on the glory of Jets #9 -- Bobby Hull. Our colleague Bruce Peters pointed out very dryly that Kane would probably help elevate the number: "You know, negativity and shame to the number of a man who beat, humiliated and terrified his wife and children."

But most importantly, Evander Kane himself weighed in, calling out the author:

The author read this tweet and responded, and Kane coolly shared it with everyone who follows him.

Hmmmm. I can't really help Mr. Kane figure out what the opera comment means, but it's probably synecdoche for the "operatic" levels of rumor that helped spawn his trade to Buffalo.

I think Opera is a nightclub. -- Miss Muse

Oh. Well, I'm glad that hockey players are used to getting endless amounts of shit on the ice -- maybe it helps them brace for the endless amounts of shit from fans? In this case, I think that in his gently exasperated way, #9 got the better of this one.

One further point that we can probably draw from this is that it's continued proof that the internet makes the world very, very small, and hockey players read the stuff on the internet that is written about them. (I mean, we already have proof that Matt Duchene reads PPP.) (Hello, young man! Hope you're enjoying your time off!) Fame sure comes at the price of shoveling through mounds and mounts of bullshit, nowadays.

Good things came of Kane's polite consternation. The Hockey Writers took the article down, AND apologized.

And with that, here are today's stories.


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