James "Stiff" Van Riemsdyk is not a fan of stretching, is a fan of Mike Babcock


I think for me it's the part I probably need to do the most but it can be tedious, it's the stretching. As a taller guy — and my dad's nickname was 'Stiff' and I think he may have passed that nickname to me unknowingly so it's tough. That's something you've got to work at and, again, there's no cheating around putting time in for that too. It can make a big difference but it can be a little tedious at times.

From JVR's interview with Sportsnet 590, he shared a few tidbits. You gotta agree; stretching is kinda boring, but... yeah, it's important. That, and some talk on Babcock; mostly about how exciting it is he's coming on board. Even though Babcock did take away his chance to win Olympic gold. Hmm.