Nathan Horton still wants to play


"Yeah, I’m doing all right; I’m living my life. Obviously, my back’s not great but I have my good days and some OK days. I’m just taking it easy. Eventually it’s going to go away -- I hope. I’m just enjoying my life. I’m healthy and I’m happy. It’s obviously tough because I want to play. It’s only my 30th birthday today, so I know I’m still young. Life gives you curveballs and I’m just trying to be positive and that’s pretty much all I can do."

From ESPN. They said the David Clarkson contract was untradeable. And in theory, it was. And yet - Clarkson is no longer a Maple Leaf, and now, Nathan Horton is. If he's going to play again, the first step is to keep the spirit alive, and at least he's doing that much.