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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference championship game

This is it! The western Conference champions will receive the Campbell Bowl tonight.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Second City Hockey preview here.

Anaheim Calling preview here.

8:15PM EST puck drop on CBC and NBC.

I'll just shamelessly repeat what I said last time. At this point, anything that can be written about this series has been written and read by all of you. Let's instead have some fun. Again!

Last time we had trivia from the last season the Ducks were conference champions. This time let's do the Hawks. No, not when they won the cup, but when they only won the conference championship. That was 1991-92.

Who won the President's Trophy and who was the team captain?

Who won the Conn Smythe Trophy?

Who won the Art Ross Trophy?

Who won the Calder Trophy?-

Who won the Vezina Trophy?

Who won the Jack Adams Award?

Why did all players wear a patch on their jersey in 1991-92?

Which team played its first season in 1991-92?

Who had the most goals in 1991-92 (70!)?

Who had the most assists in 1991-92 (90!)?

Which team lost 58 games in the 80 game season?

Which Leaf was traded to the Islanders along with Daniel Marois for Ken Baumgartner?

Which 1991-92 Leaf was an NHL head coach in 2014-15?

Which 1991-92 Leaf was an NHL assistant coach in 2014-15?

Which assistant coach of the 1991-92 Penguins is now on NBC NHL broadcasts?

Which player on the 2014-15 St. Louis Blues played his first game in 1991-92?

Which defenceman earned over 100 points in 1991-92, something which no defenceman has done since then?

What major event happened in the NHL on April 1, 1992?

Who was the Leafs head coach?

Which player did the Leafs lose prior to the start of the season in the expansion draft?