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[Monday's FTB]: Marlies miss, Prust pissed, JvR 26

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It was an eventful night in the NHL and AHL playoffs.

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First up, our Marlies, and some sad news: last night they were eliminated from the AHL playoffs. After bursting out of the gates with two great home wins, they wound up losing the following three games to the Griffins in Grand Rapids. The AHL's first round is a best of 5 series, so that's the end for this year.

Marlies lose 3-1, eliminated from AHL Playoffs
Jeffler recaps the unhappy end of the Cinderella story.

Game Recap: Griffins 5 Marlies 4
Winging It In Motown has a recap from the Griffins perspective.

There were also three NHL playoff games last night, and the winners of Game 1 all wound up winning Game 2.

Lightning 6: Habs 2

Raw Charge's recap is here.
HEOTP's recap: A Comedy of Errors

This was a wild game that got a bit out of control, with Brandon Prust especially stirring the pot. It started in the first period when he appeared to get in a confrontation at the penalty box with referee Brad Watson.

It doesn't look too bad, but after the game Prust went off on Watson saying he was verbally abusive.

Tampa went on to score four power play goals and Stamkos picked up his first of the playoffs with a beauty shot. After all that Prust must have been seething. He first went after Bishop, and then fought Braydon Coburn.

Still apparently upset, he then threw his elbow pad at Stamkos who was sitting on the bench.

The Lightning tossed it in the stands to a fan.

Some media are reporting a review of Prust's behaviour will be escalated to Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. Kerry Fraser still thinks a fine is more likely than a suspension.

The other games were not as exciting, so I will just link you to the reviews at the SB Nation sites,

Blackhawks 4 : Wild 1

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Hockey Wilderness recap is here (don't click this link)!

Ducks 3 : Flames 0

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Other News

Canada dominates Germany at hockey world championship
Taylor Hall had a hat trick to lead Canada in a 10-0 rout of Germany

Here are ‘the media’s’ takes on the Holland and Babcock pressers
George Malik rounds up what the media thinks about Babcock's chances of staying in Detroit.

Report: Bruins Narrow General Manager Search Down To Four
JFJ is apparently still in the running! YES!

Filip Forsberg records hat trick for Sweden in win against Austria
Sweden beat Austria 6-1 and Forsberg potted a hat trick.

It's a special day today

It's JvR's birthday! He turns 26! I will have a special post later from the Species Basement Test Kitchen.

Are you excited James???

I'll take that as a yes.